Teach where you can…

It’s been an off day…the two biggest helpers (my husband and oldest daughter) are on a mission trip, so I’m manning the helm solo this week.  So far its actually been pretty good!  I find I’m pretty efficient as the lone captain, but it definitely catches up to you!

3/4 of us that are left are feeling slow and under the weather in various ways.  So I have made the executive decision to declare today Pajama day!  All schooling (at least on my part) will take place on mom’s bed.

So, for my fellow “off day” (off week, off month, or even off year) moms out there; I hear you, boo!  Celebrate the learning, even if it’s in pajamas on your bed.  Celebrate that your office is so comfy and that “sick days” aren’t wasted days.

In solidarity – I’m sharing views from the “preschool classroom”.



Learning letter names.

Neuhaus letter mats – Trace the letters on a large sheet of paper in an arch and laminate!


Practicing fine motor skills while putting the letters away.

Jumbo Scoopers – (early cutting skills)

Jumbo Tweezers

Plastic Letters


Practicing “writing”

Preschool Skills Workbook


Counting and number recognition practice.


Learning one more and one less.

Unifix Counting Cubes

Write and Wipe Pockets


Lesson 2 complete!

Teach your Child to Read book

Small Dry Erase Board

Expo Markers

There are links to some of the same or similar materials I use if something strikes your fancy!  Most items I use came from the Dollar Tree, but if you don’t have one near you or they no longer carry the item – Amazon has got your back!


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