Morning Views

One day I’ll write the whole unabridged version of all that has happened over the last year for our family.  Maybe when more of the story has played out.  For now – I just like to share little clips – teasers if you will – a preview before the feature film.

As a photographer, much of what catches my eye and speaks to me in life are little things.  Details probably most people don’t even notice.  It might be the way light creates shapes on a wall or frames a leaf on the ground.  Sometimes it’s a blessing to be able to zone in on some small bit of beautiful even when the whole entire picture is one of chaos.

I don’t have a great earth-shattering revelation to share, nothing of much at all really except a little bit of happy that came to me.  This morning, I took just a few minutes to enjoy a cup of coffee and continue my on-again-off-again attempt to read straight through the Bible.  Outside my bedroom door there were four kids running up and down the stairs, one shooting the others with a Nerf gun and three yelling in protest.  There was a 175 year old deaf and near blind Chinese Pug clickety clacking in nervous circles on the hardwood floors and all the normal sounds of a big family morning.

BUT – inside my room -with the door shut and with the simple joy of a made up bed, THIS is what I saw when I looked up from my cozy spot.

Meadow View with Bible copy

It was chilly outside but the sun was shining beautifully on the meadow across the road.  It was just so simple and perfect and my heart was truly grateful.

Our Sunday School class has been completing a new study about being the champions for our children’s faith – not leaving all the faith building and Jesus teaching up to the church; but being the examples for them that we ought.  We’re reminded to be intentional and purposeful with what we ALL say is the most important thing in life!  It’s a great study and very convicting in a good way.

One of the first verses brought up is in Numbers, which happened to be where I  left of my reading last.  My husband has been following the example from our study and speaking this simple blessing over the kids at night and it’s one of the sweetest sounds a mom can hear drifting down the stairs at night.

bible close side view copyNumbers 6:24-26 says:

The Lord bless you
    and keep you;
 the Lord make his face shine on you
    and be gracious to you;
 the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace. 

Wouldn’t that be amazing to be the last thing you hear at night before you fall asleep – especially if spoken to you by someone who truly loves you.  I hope that my kids feel the love of their father and heavenly Father each night through those words.

I hope I’m always able to find little moments and pictures of beauty, even amidst chaos.  I pray the Lord will bless you and keep you today, that He will give you peace.  I pray that little bits of happy will find you in the chaos and that we can share those with gratitude.




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