My 3 Most Favorite Essential Oils of all Time….

Essential oils – you’ve heard of these.  They’re all the rage now.  It might seem like the newest, latest, greatest fad, but they’ve actually been around…well…forever.

I do ingest some oils and before I go any further, let me speak on this for a minute.  There is a ton of information out there about essential oils.  Some can be dangerous if used improperly and it is critical that you be informed before ingesting any oil or even using it on your body.  The brand of oils you choose is of the utmost importance and please visit this page to learn why I chose to use Young Living brand of oils.  Also, their new vitality line has been approved by the FDA for internal consumption, so I feel confident in backing my decisions to use oils in this manner.  But this method of using oils is a decision each person needs to make for themselves. Always do your own research and never take anyone’s word for it unless they are a licensed medical professional (and even then, I would still do my own research…) Ok…moving on!

In THIS post I’m going to give some practicality to oils and talk about the oils I use all the time and why!

Ok, so my number one favorite oil of all time.  LEMON!


  • I add a drop to my water each morning for a citrusy boost.  You can read more about the benefits of lemon water HERE.
  • I have four children so there are sticky messes everywhere and frequently I need to use a drop of lemon to remove said stickiness from the surfaces of my furniture!  It’s particularly great for removing labels from glass jars that I want to reuse.
  • I use it in my laundry by adding a drop to my wool dryer balls giving my clothes a nice fresh boost without the chemical traces fabric softeners can leave behind.


Second favorite – PEPPERMINT!


I love the smell of course, but in the winter and fall seasons when we are sneezing our heads off and our noses are running out the door leaving a thick slippery trail of snot behind them, peppermint is my go-to oil.

Diffuse it, apply it, huff it, drink it…we do it all.

  • It’s also my first stop when I have an upset tummy or just a little bit of the quesies.  One drop in a glass of water will do it – but since it doesn’t dissolve (oil and water don’t mix after all) here’s a few things I do.
    •  Add a drop of peppermint to a teaspoon of sugar and dissolve, then add that to my water.
    • Add a drop of peppermint to each compartment of an ice-cube tray and freeze, then I can have my water with the benefits of the oil slowly dispersing as the cube melts.
  • I add a drop of peppermint to a spoonful of honey and mix.  Then stir the honey into a cup of hot tea.
  • I let a couple drops drip onto the shower floor when I take a hot shower and let them work their magic opening up my nasal passages.
  • Mixed with a carrier oil, I rub on my temples to help with that jack hammer that keeps trying to drill a hole in the side of my head. (keep it WELL clear of your eyeballs, my friends)


Numbah Three!  Lavender


Upon first sniffing this one, you’ll be thinking – that doesn’t smell like lavender.  Actually, it does.  Everything else that’s been “lavender-scented” you’ve smelled your whole life actually is what doesn’t smell like lavender.  It smells like fake lavender.  Like POISON!  Just kidding…sort of.

  • For the littles having trouble settling down for the night, a quick foot massage with a drop of lavender does the trick
  • I also diffuse in their bedrooms if they’re needing extra help staying down for the night.
  • This is also a fave for the laundry and I frequently add a drop to my dryer balls.
  • I love to mix with water and spritz my pillows and linens – so refreshing!
  • I made my own air freshening spray that saves money and is MUCH healthier than chemical laden store bought products – (you can find that recipe HERE)
  • It’s also the final ingredient in the ultimate mix for those seasonal fits that make being outside around nature miserable.  Or even inside when the blooming and the pollination starts happening.  Lemon, lavender, peppermint – the heaven scent trio (see what I did there…heaven..scent…ha ha!)



So there you have it.  My 3 favorite oils of all time!

You can test out these oils for yourself right HERE, or if you’re wanting to know more about getting your own starter kit, which is what I recommend, check out the info on that right HERE.


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