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Holy Week Activities

I’ve never given Holy Week much thought before.  I guess having been a Christian practically my whole life, I took it for granted that I knew everything there was to know.

Jesus rode in on a donkey, people shouted “Hosanna”, less than a week later they shouted “Crucify Him!” He died and rose again.

That’s the gist of it, but that’s not nearly ALLLLL of it.  There’s so much more, not only that happened, but more about WHO Jesus is, HOW He felt, and WHY He did what He did.

As a parent, I really want to help my own kids develop a much deeper understanding and relationship with their Savior.  I’ll probably be learning right along with them!

SO, while the week itself won’t be much different than our normal week schedule wise, I do want to MAKE time each day to do a little faith building for all of us.

Now…it is Palm Sunday…today.  The day before Monday.  Have I planned and prepared elaborate Pinterest worthy activities?  Nope…

I’m pretty much a last minute mom, and that’s going to be A-Ok for this.  I don’t feel like daily cutesy crafts are going to get us where I want to go.  However!  Sometimes doing something fun and cute can grab the attention of busy kids and get you the focus needed to teach while they work, so I’m totally on board for some crafting.  Jesus died for FREEEEEEDOM so rules and legalism need to hit the road, Jack.

I do have an awesome resource from our church, which I’ll share with you.  It’s a simple “script” with questions and discussions for each day of the week.  Very little prep required, a basket of some kind, some slips of paper and a pen.  That’s all.

As I said before, I have NOT prepped and planned so I’ll also be sharing some more Holy Week lessons that I thought were simple yet effective.  I will probably just pick and choose from these three lessons I’m going to share and our discussion guide from church.

If you’re looking for some ways to grow your family’s faith for Holy Week, I hope these help!

Week Long Activities  

countdown to easter

  • This one is great for littler kids and is pretty simple to put together.  I think I’d even use envelopes instead of boxes if you didn’t have boxes.  Each day the kids open a box and you read part of the Easter story and discuss it with the kids.

Source: Just a Girl and Her Blog

holy week chart

  • This is a super simple chart that would make a great addition to deep discussion.  It helps kids associate each part of the story with a color.

Source: Worship with Children

journey to the cross

This week long lesson does have a short activity for each day and really helps kids to learn what God wants us to know from the events of Holy Week.

Source:  Jesus Without Language

And here’s the Parent’s Guide to A Holy Week Discussion that I’ll be using to lead our learning this week.

parents letter

MondayTuesdaywednesdayThursdayfridayfriday contSundaySunday Cont





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