It’s 9:15 am. Where’s the white flag? I surrender.

I think I just heard a collective amen from all the moms out there.

It’s already been “one of those days”.

I continually have to remind myself, this is what you wanted. This is what you worked so hard for – to be home! With your baby, for your family! And I’m so so grateful. Most moms never even have a chance to be home. To run their home as their sole job and not their second (or third) job. 

It doesn’t mean that everyday is unicorns and rainbows. It doesn’t mean it’s not as difficult as it is rewarding. It doesn’t mean that I don’t miss and sometimes long for my old life. And sometimes, some days, I complain…to myself (and sometimes to the world, in a blog post) There- I admit it! Sometimes it’s #UGH instead of #blessed.

Today- definitely one of THOSE days. 

I guess it was really more that I was under the impression that I was “doing really good” today and then got slapped in the face by my frienemy “reality.” 

I had gotten up early, finished my Bible study that I had totally forgotten about for an entire week. Oops. 

Got the toddler fed and dressed. He was playing and watching tv while I picked up and vaccuumed. 

I almost totally forgot about our elderly dog’s embarrassing “accident” that I had the fortune of stepping in barefoot in the dark earlier. Good times.

Or that when I ran out to the car this morning to get my book I discovered that the car door had been left open. All night. In the rain. Yaaaaaay.

I was rocking and rolling on the housework today! Hey! Boy child is happy engaged in a show- I’ll run downstairs, make my bed and change over the laundry. 

Well. That’s where the many many permanent marker doodles on the walls should have reminded me that a toddler at rest does not remain at rest and quiet usually means trouble.

I return from the bed-making-laundry-changing trip now in a huff because for some reason one of my children – who I will not name (ahem third born) is a child who just “does things”. 

We are constantly yelling “WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!” (she doesn’t know, she never knows.) 

This time I go to pick up a folded shirt of my night stand (I was wondering why it was there in this first place) and it’s stuck to my table! The table my dad JUST made for me for Christmas. The table I hadn’t been able to paint yet and therefore was highly susceptible to marks.  I peel up the shirt and SOMEONE had put double sided tape all over the table, and I’m guessing used the shirt to try and cover it after experiencing an “oh crap –  why did I do that? ” moment.

So up I go-full laundry basket in hand grumbling “this is why we can’t have anything nice” as our Great Dane (aka house horse) who I let out of his kennel downstairs bounds past me almost sending me and the laundry flying back down the stairs.

My plan to sit and fold laundry and enjoy my breakfast smoothie while boy child watched his show was interrupted by the immediate discovery of said smoothie   now in several puddles all over the living room and house horse tracking it even further.

It all just came at once, the dog, the wet car, the tape, the smoothie. Finding markers in her closet AGAIN, dishes in the teenager’s room AGAIN. It just pushed me over the edge and I sat and wept.

Not really-I shed a few tears while cleaning up the mess. 

Because that’s what we moms do. We shed a few tears, we clean up the mess, we just keep going. Then at the end of the day we forget about the dog, the car, the tape, the smoothie. We thank our savior for all of our incredible gifts. We hug and kiss our babies good night and we do it all again tomorrow. The blessings always outweigh the burdens.

I nobody really knows but us, except for now you all-because I just told you.

And now I’ve got to go figure out the source of that smell. It’s either house horse, old man dog, or the marker ninja. My money is on the ninja.

So be a dear and hold my white flag while I go change his diaper. #momlife #nosurrender


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