Easy DIY Sensory Shakers

My littlest guy is busy…like Walmart on Black Friday kind of busy.  He has some sensory issues – he gets overwhelmed and frustrated easily.  He’s also 2 and doesn’t speak yet.  So – we have our share of meltdowns.  If you see me out at the store go ahead and throw up the Hunger Games sign, sister.

My little guy loves to play with “sensory” toys.  Those are toys or activities that create a sensory experience for him.  A big tub of beans or rice that he can dig in with spoons or hide toy dinosaurs in, a jar he can shake that has glitter or confetti in it – these types of things create a sensory experience for him.  He enjoys those things and he is highly engaged with them. And yes…odds are you’ll find stray beans in each and every room in the house.  #reality

Today I created some simple DIY sensory shakers for him.  All the materials, except the soap, came from my local Dollar Tree store, so not much actual money invested here.  I’ve had all this stuff for like…a year month and am just now getting around to actually making them.


I’m home with him all day so any type of creating has to take place in about 3.5 seconds while the TV is babysitting, so this is a quick little activity.

Also… I totally made a video.  I do NOT have mad video skills so it’s awkward and pieced together, I look like I have white gloves on from poor lighting, my phone kept falling and I lost all TV distraction time because I started filming and realized I was still in my pajamas and hadn’t bothered to brush my hair.  #momlife – so be kind in your comments, but most of all – enjoy!

And share some ideas of what I can add to my next set of shakers!

Just click on the image to watch 🙂




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