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Winter Blues Blend

It’s winter….I think.  It’s sort of – not hot and the leaves are all brown.  It’s Texas after all and winter is more of a theory here.  But I still get the winter blues; especially in January.

Christmas is over and so the post-holiday let down sets in.  Christmas was great, family was great, it was wonderful and memories were made and then…’s all over.  Time to get back to life.

I wanted to share a few things that help me not to let those winter blues take hold.  january-copy

  1.  A good read.  A good book cures a multitude of ills.  A fun kind of old-school book I discovered last year was “Beating the Winter Blues” by Claudia Arp.  It’s a fun read and while we are no where near “trapped” inside during the winter, we have our share of dreary days.
  2. A new project.  Last year was our first year to try gardening on any kind of scale.  We learned a lot and were excited to remember that, while it is still winter, it’s time to start planning this spring’s garden!  Maybe we can reap more than 3 tomatoes and 5 wonky cucumbers.
  3. A fresh blend.  A fresh smell can do wonders.  Essential oils not only provide a pleasant aroma, but 100% pure oils provide all manner of wellness benefits as well.  A new winter blend I’m trying this winter is Orange and Ginger!  A few drops of each in the diffuser and my room is bright and warm.
  4. A new treat.  I treated myself to a new tube of Grapefruit lip balm.  The citrus scent reminds me of summer and of course the moisturizing effects are great for the inevitable chapped lip!


What are your winter blues beating tips?




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