Homemade Laundry Soap Recipe•.04 cents/load

One income living is hard enough as it is – pair that with our desire to try and live as “clean” as possible and you’ve really got a challenge.  We aren’t super hard core about the products we buy, I try to balance cost with being safe and chemical free.  The hard truth is, the better it is for you, the more expensive it is.  So we are slowly replacing products and a lot of the foods we eat with more homemade and homegrown items.

I had been researching different detergent recipes for a while and with costs of ingredients getting up to almost $70 I had just about given up.  Most recipes were for liquid detergent and the ingredients were far too pricey for me.  We were already using one of the cheapest detergents Walmart had to offer so finding one with better value would be a miracle. I was willing to compromise on price a little for a more chemical free solution.

So I was super stoked when I stumbled upon this easy idea on a blog called Happy Money Saver (you can find the original post HERE) and tweaked her recipe to how I wanted it.  It is supposed to make enough for 500 loads and it ends up being about .04 cents a load.  That’s pretty darn cheap!

I first thought buying the ingredients online would be the best bet, but I hit up my local superstore and found everything all on one shelf practically for the best price.  So I would recommend doing that if you’re going for the best deal.

I know you’re thinking “What’s the recipe already!!!” Ok, ok – here is my take on the Homemade Laundry Detergent Recipe.



1 Box Arm & Hammer Pure Baking Soda 4 lb ($2.35)

1 Box Borax Detergent Booster 4lb 12oz ($4.17)

1 Box Arm & Hammer Super Washing Soda 3lb 7oz ($3.97)

1 container of Oxi Clean 3lb ($7.94)

I package of Zote soap 14 oz (You can also use Ivory soap or Fels Naptha 3 bars=about 15oz)  ($2.77)

These are online prices from Walmart.com and the total is $21.20 (links are from Amazon.com if you love you some Amazon Prime!!!)

The original recipe called for Downy Scent Crystals, but in my effort to use less chemicals I didn’t include that in my version.

I also purchased a cute 1 gallon glass container for $5.00.

Once made, you will only use 1-2 Tablespoons for each wash.  It’s super concentrated so a little will go a long way. UPDATE: Turns out I, in fact, have a giant washing machine.  I used 2-3 scoops per load but it still lasted a really really long time and was far more economical than the store bought detergent.


  1.  This is the hardest step – and it’s really not that hard.  Grate the bar soap using a cheese grater or a food processor …or both!  (Easy clean up too since it’s soap!)blogimages_1blogimages_2
  2. I used an empty storage tote we had already to mix my detergent.  Add the grated soap and the rest of the ingredients and just mix it all up.  I used a wooden spoon and eventually just stuck my hands in and mixed it that way.  My hands were super clean after that.


The tote was obviously too big but I already had it and I can just snap the lid on and store it in the laundry room to refill my jar when needed.

I scooped out enough to fill my jar and keep that next to the washer for easy access.


I was so excited I did a load of laundry right then!  I guess I’ll have to check back with you to see how successfully it cleans the clothes for the pigpens that I live with and if it really lasts!

See you in 500 loads!

Another money saving tip is to use wool dryer balls!  Check out my post about the ones I use HERE!





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