5 Reasons why I use Wool Dryer Balls and you should too!

You’ve heard me talk before about going from a full time working mom to a stay at home mom where we live solely off my husband’s income.  It can be done!  We made a lot of small changes to save here and there, some sacrifices were harder than others, but overall, being there to manage my home and nurture my children was totally worth it!  I always feel like I should also mention that if this is not a possibility for you, you are doing a fantastic job and your children will cherish the time they spend with you as well and all of your hard work for your family.  Staying at home is not for everyone, it was just the right choice for us. Regardless of your employment status, this post is for you!

Let me introduce you to my laundry bill reducers.  These adorable wool dryer balls are so fantastic – they absorb moisture, reduce static cling, and act as a fabric softener when used in your dryer.  PLUS – no chemicals!  


Here are the top 5 reasons I love my wool dryer balls and why you should get some RIGHT NOW!

1. No more purchasing dryer sheets or fabric softener so money saved.

2. Less chemicals in the washer and dryer extending the life of my machines- money saved.

3. Cuts down on dryer time thus saving electricity, less wear and tear on my clothes and less wear on my machines- money saved.

4. Less chemicals getting into my clothes and therefore on our bodies. Health points!!

5. I can add a drop or two of essential oils to the balls to give the laundry an extra boost and enjoy the great health benefits of those- more health points!!

I like to use Young Living Essential oils in lavender, lemon, or citrus fresh to boost olfactory enjoyment of my laundry!  I know these oils are 100% pure and additive free so I’m not worried about adding back in those chemicals I was just trying to get rid of.  I only need one or two drops per load so they last forever.  You can grab your own bottle by clicking HERE

If you want to know what else I use my oils for just head on over HERE.  

AAAAND finally, to get your own adorable dryer balls pop over HERE to Ovellawool on Etsy and here’s a coupon code to save you 20%! Code: BYFARM20

FYI: There are tons of other woolen dryer ball options out there, these are just my favorites because of all the pretty colors. 


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