Storing Basil: 3 Ways

My basil plant bolted (meaning it grew flowers and said I just can’t even!) so it was time to harvest the rest of the leaves and store them. Lots of ways to store basil- but these are three ways I am trying this year.

1. Dried

I put it on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and put it in the oven on the lowest temp it would go for about 45 minutes. Stuff it in a bag and crunch it up. Label the bag so the fuzz won’t bust you for being a dealer. (Very important step)dried

2. Store it Fresh

Wash and dry and store in the fridge. I’ve read that basil does better at room temperature in a jar of water like flowers, but the last time I tried that the leaves got all slimy and I had to throw them away. So I just store it in the fridge and use the fresh leaves on my pizza!!

I toss it in a zip lock baggie and press the air out.basil-fresh

3. Freeze It

 Purée with olive oil and salt. Toss washed and dried leaves in the blender with some evoo and salt and blend. Put the mixture in an ice cube tray and freeze. Voila- adorbs!! Then you can toss the cubes in your skillet or defrost to make pesto.
I have some more plants I need to harvest so maybe I’ll have more ideas soon!!




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