Popping in for a Valentine’s Day Treat

Every single time I go into the kitchen to make something I feel like I’m on an episode of “Chopped”.  Anyone else feel me on that?!?  It’s 3:15 pm and the kids will be home in t-minus 5 minutes.  What can I make for snack?!?!  Seriously, if you don’t have a plan, then it’s a free for all in the pantry and who knows what they’ll end up eating.  Raw spaghetti noodles, refried beans…who knows.

So, earlier this week (and just now getting around to blogging about it now that Valentine’s Day is all but over – sorry!) I was in snack crisis mode and discovered I had exactly one package of popcorn and a hand full of marshmallows in the pantry.  I whipped up this little snack and it actually turned out to be extremely delicious and fun.  So!  For your Valentine’s Day viewing  – here’s my little snack!

  1.  Pop 1 pkg of microwave popcorn or if you’re Suzie Homemaker supreme, pop some unsalted butter free popcorn from kernels in your hot air popper.  Set aside.
  2. In a saucepan, melt “some” butter.  It’s probably 3-4 tablespoons, but when the clock is ticking there’s no time for measuring.


3. Add a handful of marshmallows to your melted butter and add a little cream – or coffee creamer from the fridge if you’re like me and have no cream.

4.When that’s all melted and combined, add a couple drops of food coloring (you can do red for Valentines, green for St. Patrick’s, orange for Halloween or fall…the possibilities – just endless!)


5.Pour that mixture over your popcorn and stir to get it all coated. Don’t be too aggressive with the stirring our you’ll bust all your popcorn up like Rocky. Just foooooolllllld it.


6. Spread that mixture all out on a baking sheet lined with wax paper and pop it into the fridge for a bit.  BUT before you do, be sure to sprinkle some of those random sprinkle toppings you have stored in the cabinet for fun.  I just happened to have some Valentine’s Day heart sprinkles.

7.  Once it’s not “wet” anymore – serve it up and enjoy the heck out of that stuff!  It’s super yummy.


I thought of some other ideas you could do with the popcorn as well….

While it’s still sticky and wet, make little hearts and wrap in plastic wrap for classroom parties. (Shamrock shape for st.patty’s, pumpkin for fall, trees for Christmas, an egg or even a cross for Easter)

Using some icing, you can pipe onto your shapes to add some detail.

Use orange coloring and if you can find some of those cone shaped clear bags, you can make a carrot for Easter.

If you’re into teaching with food, you can smoosh the popcorn together into a big rectangle and teach fractions as you cut it into 1/2’s, 1/3’s, 1/4’s or whichever fractions you want!

Enjoy and Please share your creations!  I want to see!!



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