Easy Frozen Yogurt Bites

I have four kiddos – who are ALWAYS hungry!  So, I’m always looking for new snacks to try for them – mainly for after school but sometimes after dinner too.  My little Junebug always asks for “bazzert”.  We don’t have bazzert every night, but once in a while I like to make something special.

So, I came across a similar recipe on …Pinterest probably – and this is my version of the frozen yogurt bites.  The original recipe called for regular yogurt that already had fruit flavor but when I looked at the amount of sugar in that yogurt I chose the Greek.  And honestly, I thought I picked up the plain, but I guess I grabbed the vanilla instead, but they have the same amount of sugar so I went with it.  Also, the serving size the kids are getting is waaaaaay less than the 1 cup listed on the carton.  OK!  Here’s how you make it.

You’ll need these ingredients.  (This picture was taken when I thought I had plain yogurt so that’s why the honey is there – I didn’t use it, but if you do get plain, you’ll want to add some honey to sweeten it a bit.  If you can get a hold of local raw honey, that’s even better because it can help with allergies that are unique to your personal environment.)



1 container of yogurt (I used Greek since it contained less sugar than regular yogurt and it’s super yummy)

Honey – only if you use plain yogurt

1 pkg frozen berries (You can use fresh berries, they are out of season right now. You can also use bananas or even peanut butter to flavor your yogurt.  The frozen berries are easy to store if you don’t use them all, retain all the flavor and nutrients of fresh berries and also make the bites freeze faster since they’re already cold!)

About 1-2 cups of cereal or graham crackers.  You’re just using a little to make a crust so any kind of cereal, oats, or graham crackers will do.

You’ll also need Mini Muffin tins and liners (I made about 24 with this batch, but I had a lot left over so you could make more)

I also added Orange Essential oil to my bites.  It gives just a hint of orangey fresh flavor and has countless health benefits as well! If you want to get your own Orange oil, send me a note (livingessentially316@gmail.com) I can hook you up!

Step 1: Crush the crust.  I used the bottom of a cup to crush the cereal in a bowl.


Just be careful doing this because…this is what happened when the cup slipped and the cereal went everywhere!



Step 2:  Add the Yogurt and most of the berries to the blender.  Save some of the berries to top your little bites.ybites_3

Step 3:  Blend!  This is also when I added about 3 drops of Young Living Orange Oil.  I only use this brand because they are safe to ingest.  Lemon or Lime essential oils might be yummy too!


Step 4: Add a pinch of your cereal crumble to the bottom of your liners and then spoon some of the yogurt mixture on top.  Fill them all the way up.  You’re not baking them so they won’t rise.  Then top with a few of the remaining berries.




Step 5: Freeeeeeeeeze em!  (1-3 hours should do it)  My kiddos came home after only 1 hour so theirs weren’t frozen solid and it was actually still really yummy.

Once frozen, they are ready to eat!!


My kiddos loved them and ate about 3 each for snack and then for dinner too! Small Jeff is begging for me to make them for his Valentine’s Day school party – I think I just might do that!


So give them a try and let me know what recipes you come up with!

If you’re interested in all the many benefits of using essential oils – HERE is a good place to start!  And to get started actually using oils – you can get your own kit HERE

Farm Where You’re Planted is a personal blog by two best friends who – between the two – have 7 children.  They wanted to share their experiences with faith, family, farming, and fostering.  The besties are both currently living with their families in East Texas. 


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